About ICW Offices

ICW Offices has been created to help startups and expanding small businesses grow, without the traditional costs of leasing space on long contracts at high rents.

We have office, studio and eCommerce space available on flexible terms, from 3 month rolling contracts to longer licenses designed to help businesses grow, with price options to suit all budgets.

Post Covid, work and business space demands have changed, businesses now want more flexibility and adaptable space, bespoke to their current business needs, not tied in to traditional long leases and high rents demanded by old commercial landlords. Modern businesses need to be agile and adapt to current customer demands quickly, this needs to be reflected in their space requirements, as their business adapts, so should their office, studio or eCommerce space.

ICW Offices are not just another commercial landlord, we understand the demands of small business, the need to keep costs down and the ability to react quickly to market conditions. We can help reduce startup costs with our SHORT TERM rolling contracts, we include utilities in our low monthly payments, plus our offices are designed so business rates are zero too and come fully furnished, reducing the cost of of setting up even further.

FlexeSpace can help you start and grow,

  • Flexible rolling licenses from 3 months
  • All utilities costs included
  • Zero business rates
  • Fully furnished
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Prestigious business address
  • building facilities access

We also help established businesses grow as they expand;

  • Need more office space to grow your team?
  • Your salon or nail bar is maxed out in town?
  • Online sales have gone through the roof?

Small business can be a lonely and frustrating journey, that’s why business community is high on our agenda for both startups and growing businesses. We have communal space within our buildings to help nurture communication between businesses, we are also host information and networking events to help all local businesses in the area come together, because together we can all grow faster and stronger.

ICW Offices BONUS features include discounted drinks and food at local venue’s plus FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP at selected sites, because small business should not just about working all hours and smashing it day in day out, you know what they say ‘all work and no play….’, ICW Offices Bonus helps you work, rest and play.